Bravado Signature

We now proudly serve Lavazza coffee.  Bravado offers a full Espresso Bar.  Our baristas have been trained to create a wide variety of coffee signature drinks to your liking.  






Hot Chocolate

Shakarado - espresso with a touch of sugar and ice, shaken together

Iced Coffee - 24 hour brew using espresso beans

Strawberry Nutella - latte with strawberry and nutella

Fruit Smoothie

Affogato - scoop of pistachio gelato topped with a shot of hot espresso


Loose Leaf Teas

Premium organic and fair trade teas from Desta Epicures Guild, a local purveyor offering handcrafted teas that express the authentic character of each ingredient without so-called "natural flavoring".  http://desta.com


Check in with us for seasonal teas.


Chamomile – Our superior Croatian Chamomile imparts a soothing floral flavor, creating a golden cup of relaxation. (caffeine free)


Citron Ginger – A revitalizing infusion of ginger, citrus, allspice and digestive roots offers a zesty succulent cup. (caffeine free)


Dragonwell – our Dragonwell is a delightful green tea that has a slight sweetness and mellow roasted-chestnut notes.  (caffeine) 


Earl Grey – our rich, smooth, finest quality black teas are artfully blended with pure organic Italian Bergamot essential oil.  (caffeine)


English Breakfast – a full-bodied, robust and flavorful blend of black teas imparts malty undertone and floral aroma. (caffeine)





Genmaicha – an inviting combination of Sencha, Japanese green tea, and roasted brown rice, creating a flavor that is savory and slightly nutty. (caffeine)


Lavender Drop – This delicious blend of black tea, lavender and marigold petals provokes an ukplifting sensation.


Spiced Mint – Oregon grown peppermint and spearmint combined with premium grade spices creates a succulent and refreshing palate. (caffeine free)


Wuyi Oolong – Harvested from the high Wuyi Mountain in China, this savory roasted Oolong has hints of honey suckle and roasted barley notes. (caffeine)